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Our Services

Irrigation Management

Reduce operating costs and increase production.

Customised irrigation management solutions to suit any farm, vineyard or orchard.

Choose from a single soil moisture probe, weekly irrigation scheduling or our whole farm water management software.

Pivot irrigation
Irrigation Managemnt
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Sentek Soil Moisture Probes

Proven to pay for itself within an irrigation season.

Best-in-class accurate and reliable probe with a proven 10-year lifespan.

Sensors measure soil moisture, temperature and fertiliser movement every 10 cm down the soil profile.

Telemetered or Bluetooth soil moisture probes available.

Easily access soil moisture data through any connected device.

Effortlessly set thresholds and alerts to suit your crop..

Monitor root activity, daily water use and drainage below the root zone.

Soil Moisture Probes

FloraPulse Stem Water Potential Sensors

Still using a pressure chamber to measure plant stress in your vineyard or orchard? Replace it with a FloraPulse sensor that is installed in the woody tissue to directly measure stem water potential.


Understand tree and vine stress in real time throughout the day. 

Fine-tune your irrigation and easily keep your plants at the desired level of water stress to achieve high quality fruit.  

FloraPulse water potential sensor
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SWAN Systems

Manage water and nutrients for any crop at paddock or irrigation zone scale.

7-day predictive irrigation schedule including where and when to irrigate, and how much to apply.

Satellite imagery to help identify crop health issues.

Integrated solution that works with existing hardware.

SWAN Systems

Monitoring Solutions

  • Harvest and Halo monitoring technology resellers

  • Flowmeter telemetry

  • Weather stations

  • Water level

  • Water quality

  • Effluent tracking

  • Data integration

Weather station, flowmeter, water quality, effluent tracking
Monitoring Solutions
Effluent WOF
effluent WOF,

Effluent WOF

Effluent WOFs are the only way to effectively trouble-shoot effluent performance.

Assessments should be undertaken every 3-5 years depending on system age and useage.


All assessments undertaken by an Effluent WOF qualified professional, including irrigator, nutrient loading and storage adequacy checks and testing of system pressure, flow, application depth and uniformity.

Irrigator Performance Assessments

Irrigator performance assessments are the only way to effectively trouble-shoot irrigator performance.


Assessments should be undertaken every 3-5 years depending on system age and usage.

All assessments undertaken by an NZQA qualified professional, and include irrigator, regulator and nozzle checks, and testing of irrigator pressure, flow, application depth and uniformity.

Specialists in VRI system testing

Bucket test, performance assessment, irrigator, pivot
Irrigator Peformance Assessments
Farm planning, freshwater farm plan

Farm Planning

Farm planning is more than compliance, it provides an opportunity to understand and optimise farm inputs while maximising farm production and profitability.

We offer a range of farm planning options to suit your needs and have unrivalled understanding of the new Freshwater Farm Plan requirements.

Farm Planning
Compliance Support

Compliance Support

  • Water take and effluent consent implementation

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Farm compliance risk analysis

  • Due diligence

Farm compliance, consent compliance, due diligence
community projects, workshops

Community Projects & Workshops

We work with community and industry groups to identify challenges and opportunities and design practical solutions for these.

Building resilient farms and communities is our focus - consideration of environmental and market requirements alongside farm business goals is critical for this.

We are experts at helping community groups develop funding applications.

Community Groups

Greenhouse Gas Advisory

We work with clients to manage your farms carbon footprint.

  • Understand your greenhouse gas number

  • Emissions reduction options and analysis

  • Carbon offset calculations

greenhouse gas, offsetting, emissions reduction
Greenhouse Gas Advisory



Getting irrigation right is critical for flower growers, I’ve been using Sentek probes for over 5-years and find them really easy to understand - they take away the guesswork, The Sentek TrisSCAN sensor also allows me to monitor my fertliser use. This has saved money makes sure I give the plants exactly what they need and means no nutrient leaching.

Primary Insight have provided me with great service since taking over the management of my probes – Cindy quickly identified and resolved the telemetry issue I’d been having.

Andrew Gallagher, Kaiapoi

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